Penicuik House - Lamb Box

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This is very exciting. We have meat back in stock from our favourites - PENICUIK HOUSE.

These guys know how to raise animals whilst being super respectful to the animals. This approach creates the most incredible tasting meat.

Penicuik House are committed to using sustainable farming methods and take great care to minimise the carbon footprint, food miles and overall environmental impact of their livestock operation. Penicuik House lamb is all Quality Meat Scotland certified and has been given time to naturally fatten by foraging exclusively in grass fields where they are able to roam and graze large open areas. Here they fertilise the land and help more grass to grow without adding extra carbon to the atmosphere. The lamb is produced seasonally and reared on a small scale resulting in the finest, most succulent, flavoursome and deliciously tender Scottish meat.


The lamb boxes will be ready for dispatch at the end of May/beginning of June - perfect for BBQ season. We will notify you when the boxes are ready to give you the opportunity to add any additional items to your delivery. The lamb will be delivered refrigerated and can be frozen.


All the lamb is locally slaughtered and hung for 7-8 days on the bone before being traditionally butchered and vacuum packed:


Half Lamb Box

  • Leg of lamb boned & rolled (1/2 Leg)
  • Leg Steaks boneless (Approx 4/6 from 1/2 Leg)
  • Rolled shoulder (1/2 Shoulder)
  • Diced Lamb (From 1/2 Shoulder)
  • Double Loin chops (Approx 6)
  • Rack of lamb (x1)
  • Mince (Shanks & Flank - 60-70% Lean)
  • Kidney (x1)
  • Liver (1/2 Sliced)
  • Lung (x1)
  • 1/2 Heart

This lamb has been frozen for freshness.